Who me...

Photo by: Wes Gray Portraits
Photo by: Wes Gray Portraits

Quantrell Colbert is an Atlanta-based photographer specializing in portraits, people, and unit stills photography. 

Degreed in his profession, he has honed his skills by working with some of the very best photographers in Atlanta, and therefore this country, has to offer. His work has taken him to many places and various professional, business, educational, and entertainment venues across America. 

Beyond this high level of education and finely tuned training with some of the best craftspeople around, Colbert has been blessed with a talent to capture the true essences of subjects from the inside to be revealed on the outside. 

The results have been work that both satisfies and benefits his clients. 

Colbert's father introduced him to photography when he was very young and that seed continues to grow! 

Colbert's motto is "as a man thinks so is he" (Proverb 23:7).  

Photo by: Wes GrayPhotography